Christopher Sample is an American designer and illustrator raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He has had the privilege of working with brands such as Cold Stone Creamery, Blimpie and America's Taco Shop with Kahala Management and Goodwill with Park&Co. He Studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Phoenix graduating with a Bachelors. Christopher loves margherita pizza, Unibroue and the great outdoors — say hello.

What is Studio LXV?

Studio LXV is a satellite design studio orbiting Earth over Phoenix, Arizona. Providing quality design from international web space to anyone.

Why LXV?

L, X, & V are roman numerals representing 50, 10, and 5 adding up to 65. LXV is short for MCMLXV or 1965. Representing the chronological median of the sixties, which happens to be Christopher's favorite time period in popular culture, the Atomic Age. Finding much of his inspiration from this time period, Christopher is fascinated with Mid Century Modern design, architecture, popular culture, and of course NASA paraphernalia.